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Fun with Shakespeare

Date: August 27, 2013 Author: Charmaine Wistad Categories: 7 - 8, 9 - 12 0

Dear parents & students,

Fun with Shakespeare??? Yes, you read that correctly! It really is possible to have fun while learning about the amazing work of this Dead-for-Over-Four Hundred-Years poet and playwright. If you are signed up for the first semester Shakespeare class, then get ready for a unique learning experience.

This Shakespeare class will be loaded with activities, projects, games, discussions and visual media – all aimed at making Shakespeare’s work interesting and fun. Rather than studying any one particular piece in depth (to the utter exhaustion of the student’s interest ), we will sample a smattering of his work in a wide variety of creative approaches. No dry and tedious reading of Shakespeare’s plays allowed!

All lessons, projects and activities will be done in class – no homework required – unless, of course, the student wishes to delve deeper on their own into the near bottomless depth of Shakespeare and his works. The 9-12 grade students will have the option to add extra hours of study for ½ credit. See Karen Kanters for more information if you are interested in that.

As a teacher, I have high expectations of my students. I expect them to show honor at all times by being perfectly quiet and attentive when someone else is talking or sharing. I expect them to show up in class ready to participate and learn. I expect my students to talk to me if they are having trouble with something (or someone) in class. I expect them to have fun while still being self-controlled and respectful.

Please feel free to contact me at any time during the semester with questions, concerns or suggestions.

I look forward to learning together,

Charmaine Wistad

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