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Grades 1-2

Welcome to a semester of music-making, exploration, and skill-building!

If you have questions about the following information, please contact Naomi Haugen.

Student Expectations:

  1. Follow HACIL enrichment class rules
  2. Show respect for the teacher, other students, and instruments
  3. Be responsible for your own learning.
  4. Be ready to learn

Student Outcomes:

  1. Grow in awareness of these musical elements:  rhythm, melody, tempo, timbre (tone color)
  2.  Experience music of world cultures through participation in singing, story-telling, instruments, movement, and dance
  3. Grow in musicianship:  singing skills, rhythm skills, listening skills, reading and responding to rhythmic notation, music vocabulary
  4. Grow in understanding of the science of sound production as it relates to voices and instruments

 Outline of activities planned for September:


  • “We Live in a Musical World” (theme song for the semester)
  • “The More We Get Together”
  • Vocal development games
  • Get-acquainted songs
  • “Kookaburra” (Traditional Australian song)


  • Learn techniques for playing rhythm sticks, hand drums, other unpitched percussion
  • Accompany singing and games with unpitched percussion
  • Learn technique for playing xylophones
  • Play xylophones to enhance and accompany songs, stories, and games.

Cultural Connections:

  • Animals of Australia
  •  Folktale:  The Biggest Frog in Australia ( as retold by Susan L. Roth)


  • Music performed by indigenous Australians and New Zealanders
  • Folk music for dancing and movement

Music Literacy:

  • Respond to icons representing rhythmic notation for quarter notes and rests
  • Read and respond musically to quarter notes  (“ta”) and rests
  • Read and respond to symbols for forte (loud) and piano (soft)


  • Locomotion (walk, shuffle, slide, tiptoe, etc.) to musical cues
  • Explore body shapes and levels
  • Practice safety and respect while moving within the classroom
  • Gain awareness of one’s own body in relation to others



2 Comments: "MUSIC IN MOTION"

  1. Published by: Malu Dums Date: September 16, 2013

    We were trying to find the theme song “We Live in a Musical World” online to listen to at home – can you tell me the singer/group or let me know where we should look?
    Thank you!

  2. Published by: Naomi Date: September 17, 2013

    Thanks for your interest! The “Musical World” song is one that I learned from another teacher many years ago. It has not been published or recorded. Here are the words:

    We live in a Musical World
    With people all around.
    We dance, we sing, do everything
    With all the friends we’ve found.

    I will notate the song and post the music within the next week or so.