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Grades PreK – K

I’m looking forward to music exploration and skill-building with HACIL’s youngest learners.  Please contact me if you have questions or concerns about our class.  Naomi Haugen

Student Expectations:

  1. Follow HACIL enrichment class rules
  2. Show respect for the teacher, other students, and instruments
  3. Be responsible for your own learning.
  4. Be ready to learn

Students will:

  1. Grow in awareness of  themselves as musicians
  2. Become aware of their own singing voices
  3. Explore ways to use their own voices:  talk, whisper, shout, sing
  4. Practice rhythmic skills
  5. Learn the routines of the music classroom
  6. Practice taking turns and listening to others

Outline of activities planned for September:


  • “Hello Everybody” (theme song for the school year)
  • “Shake Those Fingers Down”
  • Vocal development games
  • Get-acquainted songs
  • “Kookaburra” (Traditional Australian song)
  • Variations on “We’re Going Down to Town” (traditional children’s song)
  • Variations on “Up on the Mountain” (traditional children’s song)


  • Learn techniques for playing rhythm sticks, hand drums, other unpitched percussion
  • Learn stop and start signals for playing instruments
  • Learn self-control while using instruments
  • Explore tone production and vibrations


  • Music performed by indigenous Australians and New Zealanders
  • Folk music for dancing and movement

Cultural Connections:

  • Animals of Australia
  • Folktale:  The Biggest Frog in Australia ( as retold by Susan L. Roth)


  • Locomotion (walk, shuffle, slide, tiptoe, etc.) to musical cues
  • Explore body shapes and levels
  • Practice safety and respect while moving within the classroom
  • Gain awareness of one’s own body in relation to others

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