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 Grades 3-4

Welcome to a semester of music exploration and skill-building.

If you have questions about the following information, please contact Naomi Haugen

Student Expectations

  1. Follow HACIL enrichment class rules
  2. Show respect for the teacher, other students, and instruments
  3. Be responsible for your own learning.
  4. Be ready to learn

Student Outcomes

  1. Grow in awareness of musical elements of world cultures, recognizing commonalities and differences among them
  2. Experience music of world cultures through participation in singing, story-telling, instruments, movement, and dance
  3. Grow in musicianship:  rhythm skills, listening skills, melodic understanding, imitation and improvisation, music notation, music vocabulary
  4. Grow in understanding of the science of sound production as it relates to voices and instruments

Outline of activities planned for September:


  • “I Love the Mountains” (theme song for the semester)
  • Songs and games from the Maori culture of New Zealand
  • “Click Go the Shears” (An Australian sheep-shearing song)
  • “Kookaburra” (Traditional Australian song)


  • Learn to play the recorder (Recorder is provided)
  • Play rhythms with sticks, drums, and other unpitched percussion
  • Play mallet instruments

Cultural Connections:

  • Maori and other indigenous peoples
  • Australia’s geography and animals
  • Sydney’s Opera House
  • Folktale:  The Biggest Frog in Australia ( as retold by Susan L. Roth)


  • Music from the Sydney Opera House
  • Music performed by indigenous Australians and New Zealanders

Music Literacy:

  • Review or learn rhythmic notation for notes and rests
  • Review or learn treble clef notes on the staff


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