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Welcome Grade 1-2 Students and Parents!

Date: September 2, 2013 Author: Emily Lehman Categories: 1 - 2 0

In keeping with HACIL’s school-wide “Passport Around the World” theme, we will be learning about countries, animals, cultures and children around the world by incorporating these topics primarily into our story time.  In story time, we will also be learning about the different parts of stories and doing activities relating to the stories we read.  Our circle time will include activities such as:  show and tell, calendar activities, manners and/or character related activities, and weather and temperature tracking.  Science and math topics will be addressed over the course of the year instead of focusing solely on science this fall and math in the spring as was noted on the schedule.  This will allow us not only to mix things up a bit, but also to combine some of our science and math activities.  Some of the science topics we plan to explore include: plants, animals, earth, chemistry and physics.  Math topics will be addressed in a variety of ways including:  the use of games and manipulatives, play and/or role-playing, incorporation into science activities, and hands-on learning.  I will also be accompanying your 1st and 2nd graders to music and art classes this year.

We will be going over classroom expectations on the 1st day (such as listening when others are speaking, raising your hand to talk, walking in line, etc.) but all would fall under the heading of the 3 R’s:  Be Respectful, Be Ready, and Be Responsible.

I look forward to getting to know you and your “world travelers” through the coming year!

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