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High School Enrichment Class Meeting

Date: April 14, 2014 Author: Crystal Categories: 7 - 8, 9 - 12, Events, From Your Administration, Information, Parent Group 0

HACIL families with high school students,

Discussion has begun in the PAC meetings and parent support meetings concerning plans for next year’s enrichment classes. We have wonderful ideas on the theme for the year, Leaders Through Time. As we have been working through this, classes for the high school are being discussed with the possibility of tying in some of the work for credit.

One of the issues as kids move into high school is time management. Being able to attend Enrichment Classes is a huge chunk of time taken away from curriculum study. With that in mind, we have been tossing around ideas to make Enrichment Classes profitable for students. We still believe the classes should be offered for students who just want the enrichment with no further requirements, but it would also be nice to enable students who elect to, to continue their study with additional work to use these hours toward credit.

This last year, HACIL provided students this opportunity with the Shakespeare class. It was a great success. Several students did extra work outside of the class in order to gain a half credit in Shakespeare/English. Keeping in mind that the classes are attended by all high school grades together, this arrangement makes sense with some topics while it would be quite challenging with others, i.e. a math class where students are working at their own levels.

This year, we are looking at a class about influential leaders which could easily be followed up with additional work for credit in World History or another class if students have already completed that course. We would like to further this discussion and look at the other needs for the high school students in special meetings this week. These meetings will be held at 9:00 during the normal “parent meeting” time but will not replace the normal meeting. Non-high school parents are encouraged to still meet. Looking forward to open discussion on this topic and more.

Miss Crystal

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