End of Year Curriculum REMINDERS!

Date: May 27, 2014 Author: Crystal Categories: Information, Library, Parent Group 0


This is just a reminder that the end of the year is coming quickly. Families are encouraged start returning any items they have finished using and start checking out items for next year. New families are now checking items out of the library so if you know of something you need that HACIL already have, please reserve those items today. Don’t forget that all items need to be inventoried before new purchases can be authorized.

ALL Computers need to be cleaned this summer and the Technology dept. has requested computers be returned by June 6th. Please be sure to back up any items you wish to save/reuse. The existing member on all computers will be removed. If you have a software that needs activation, be sure to save and deactivate to preserve licensing rights such as Rosetta Stone and others.

Don’t forget to complete your Re-Enrollment paperwork in order to have items secured for your family. Final quarterly updates must be complete by June 15th so please make your appointments today.

Thank you all for your help!

Miss Crystal

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