Did you get this?…

Date: September 29, 2014 Author: Crystal Categories: Information 0

HACIL Families,

Did you get this email?…


On behalf of the Hayward School District, I am emailing to remind all of our families that next week we will be holding Parent/Teacher Conferences. The Elementary Campus Schools will be holding conferences on Monday……

Also, our Home/School Coordinators are putting on a Welcome Back Feast that is …..

If you did, rest assured that you are not required to attend. All HACIL families are included in our district’s database for reporting and record keeping. They include us all on some mass emails throughout the year to be sure we do not miss anything important. This information is specifically for those with students in the traditional public school setting and not us.

Hope you’re getting into a good pattern of completing your schoolwork and can’t wait to chat with you all soon. 

Miss Crystal  

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