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Date: September 30, 2014 Author: Christy Davis Categories: 9 - 12 0

Below is the list you diligently composed last week for props and set design needs. Thank you for all your excitement and effort!

Set Design:
paint: yellow, brown, blue, green, white, red, black (check art room first)
2 full/queen flat-bed sheets
2 king flat-bed sheets


Act 1
haystack, guitar, castle gate (painted), large book, crossbow

dry ice, bowl, globe, 1 large book, dressing table with stool or chair, mirror, tea set, rolling tea cart, table and 3 chairs, dog bed, strings of jewels, tiaras

dragon lair

large cardboard rock, springs, bubble blower (pipe?), greenery

Act 2
guitar for Romola, rugs, fire, kindling, bundle for Peter’s heart, egg, milk, mug, stirring utensil, mistletoe, screwdriver, screws (4), spring, gypsy wagon or pup tent, bushes and trees, shoes for Peter and Trudi, pot for stew, bowls, utensils

bell, harp w/ no strings, Trudi’s scarf, hand mirror with cloth for the cover, inkwell and paper, envelope, wax seal, large candle, disguise #3 (false beard, cloak, hat, cane, wig)

‘The King;s Head’ sign, white cloth (reaches floor), table with holes, large dish cover, ‘ring for service’ placard, bell, bottle, 2 goblets, plate with stuffed olives, inkwell, paper, feather pen, wax and seal, money

bowl of cherries, seagulls, wings, seaweed, ruined set of wings, fire opal ring

Act 3
pile of ‘rocks’, jewel-box, knitting needles, yarn, partially formed tail cosy, pile of seaweed, large lobster for Trudi to carry, the fire opal ring,

towel, container of talc powder, large rock, guitar, large traveling bags (5), keys


Just a few thoughts:
In Act 2 at Castle Seablick, could we have a backdrop of the sea and construct the castle parapet? We would need to make sure it was sturdy enough to stand on so Kyra can ‘jump’ off. Also, be thinking about what she could land on so it muffles the sound of landing on the hard stage.  We will also need to record several sounds, i.e. water sloshing, seagulls, waves crashing, doors slamming, etc.


See you all on Thursday!

Miss Christy

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