Fall Testing

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Hello Families,

Standardized Testing this year covers more grades than ever before. HACIL will need to complete tests with students Pre-K through 11th Grade and some grades will need to test in both Fall and Spring.  So to be sure we do not miss anyone or give you late notice, below are the testing windows for each grade and the test they will be taking. If you participate in Enrichment classes, we plan to complete these tests with as little interruption to your students day as possible. If you do NOT participate in Enrichment Days, please contact HACIL to arrange for a convenient time to participate. Those tests marked in red need to be given to each student in the grade level at HACIL as they are not electronic tests or can not be given/monitored electronically. Looking forward to talking to you all very soon.

  • Pre-K / K:                PALS Test : Oct. 13- Nov. 7
  • 1 & 2:                         PALS Test: Sep. 15 – Oct. 10
  • 3rd:                           Smarter Balance: Mar 30 – May 22
  • 4th:                           WKCE: Oct. 27 – Nov. 7   /   Smarter Balance: Mar 30 – May 22
  • 5th, 6th, & 7th:       Smarter Balance: Mar 30 – May 22
  • 8th:                           WKCE: Oct. 27 – Nov. 7   /   Smarter Balance: Mar 30 – May 22
  • 9th:                           ACT Aspire: Oct. 13 – Oct. 30   &    Apr. 27 – May 22
  • 10th:                         WKCE: Oct. 27 – Nov. 7    /   ACT Aspire: Apr. 27 – May 22
  • 11th:                          ACT: Mar. 3 & 4 (Upon request, I will work with your home district to 
  •                                            potentially allow you to take this test close to home)

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your testing date(s), please contact the office at 715-934-2112 or email us at

Thanks ~

Miss Crystal

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