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Renaissance Music!

Date: October 20, 2014 Author: Naomi Haugen Categories: 1 - 2, 3 - 4, 5 - 6, Teachers 0

Greetings to all HACIL Enrichment students!  In coordinating with our “Leaders through Time” theme, students have been learning about music from the Renaissance period during their music classes.  They have enjoyed exploring on the web to see and hear instruments of the period.  The website we have used in class is http://www.music.iastate.edu/antiqua/instrumt.html.  Several students have asked that I post this information so they can continue to explore at home. You can also find a wealth of audio recordings of Renaissance Music on YouTube, as well as a few videos of performers in period costume.  We have not listened to the choral music of the period, but you might also enjoy this. Search for Renaissance Instruments or Renaissance Music and see what you can find!

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