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2014-15 Yearbook Page submissions

Date: January 26, 2015 Author: Crystal Categories: 1 - 2, 3 - 4, 5 - 6, 7 - 8, 9 - 12, Information, Parent Group, Pre-K / K 0

The HACIL yearbook is a unique endeavor every year because the student body includes students from all over WI as well as students that get together each week in enrichment classes or go on field trips together. Students from a long ways away don’t necessarily participate in all aspects of HACIL but are welcome to be part of our school and our yearbook in any way we can.

That said, the HACIL yearbook has many parts to it, pages for groups or activities AND pages for individuals. We want to encourage each student to submit a page that captures what “his/her” school is like. These “student” pages are crafted by each family for each student to be assembled with the rest of the book this spring. If you would like to be included in the HACIL yearbook, please submit a page of your pictures, captions and fun to HACIL by March 05.

Page Specifics: Please submit an electronic version of your pages as a PDF or as a Word or Pages document. We have many versions so we should not have formatting issues. Pages should include: The students first and last name, at least one photo of named student, and no less than a .25″ margin on the pages. Students are encouraged to include photos of the types of activities they participate in, family pets, family portraits, etc. Please do be careful about content on t-shirts or any violent type depictions. All pages must be approved for publishing by our Administration.

If you have any questions or for further information please contact the HACIL office or Miss Crystal.

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