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Date: April 9, 2015 Author: Naomi Haugen Categories: 3 - 4, 5 - 6, Teachers 0


The teachers need your help!

Our Spring Musical, “Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears” is only three weeks away! (April 28 for Tuesday classes, April 30 for Thursday classes.) We are asking for parent assistance in making sure ALL students have memorized their spoken lines. (Many are still struggling with this!)

Please have your children read their lines to you, coach them through the memorization, and then have them practice the lines MANY times. They should be able to speak their lines loudly, clearly, confidently, and expressively, without prompting. It may take many repetitions before the lines can be spoken fluently but PRACTICE is how we learn!  Making audio or video recordings on phone or tablet or computer can be a fun way to encourage repetitions.  Another good way to practice is by speaking lines for different family members and visitors.  Have your child pretend to be on stage!

A file of the script is attached to this post, in case your child has misplaced his/her copy. If you have questions, please contact Naomi Haugen or Joan Jacobowski.

Why Mosquitoes Buzz Student Script

Thanks for your help — it will be worth the effort!


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