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Date: May 4, 2015 Author: Crystal Categories: Events, Information, Parent Group 0

Hello Families,

Sorry this is last minute but… I have received many requests for help on compiling grade data for HACIL High school students. I have been helping individuals as these requests come up but now I think a class is the best way to reach everyone most efficiently. I am sorry this is last minute but this is also the last time I will see you all together for a while…

Tomorrow, May 5 (Track and Field Day) at 12:00 – 2:00 while students are out playing or having ice-cream, I hope to have as many families that would like to see how to use the HACIL Grade Report and what to collect for grade data. I do not plan on taking all of that time to demonstrate. I plan to give parents time to explore the forms and data, and ask specific questions one-on-one regarding that data.

In case there is no way for some of you to come tomorrow, I do hope to have another class in the fall but do not have a date for that yet.

Thanks for working with HACIL on this process. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Miss Crystal

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