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Partnering for a Garden…

Date: June 17, 2015 Author: Crystal Categories: From Your Administration, Information, Parent Group 0

HACIL Families,

Over the past few years as HACIL has expanded into our new space, there has been some talk about a HACIL Garden. We are not ready for that quite yet but we have been presented a different opportunity that may interest you.

HACIL has been approached by the Hayward Primary school (which has a school garden) in regards to partnering with them on their garden project. In fact, they have invited us to work with them THIS YEAR on the tending, maintenance and harvesting of the garden this summer. See attached note from the coordinator:

Greetings Volunteers,

     Kristy Harrison and I were at the Garden yesterday checking on progress and doing some re-planting. I have attached a map of this year’s plantings.

     Typically we have volunteers scheduled for a week of tending ie; weeding, watering, thinning. Please take note of your week to tend the garden. The Lawn and Maintenance contractor with the school has volunteered to maintain the grass between the beds this year, so that should help keep the area more manageable. The spigot and hose for watering is on the side of the soccer shed and the “key” for the spigot is in the mailbox at the garden.

     Here is what we recommend for watering: Check the soil in a couple of beds by digging down a couple of inches. If the top 2 inches of soil are dry, you should probably water. Leaves can also tell you when it is time to water-as most leaves will look dull or roll edges before they wilt. When watering a gentle soaking of the root zone is best for the plants. A rule of thumb is that 1 inch of water will soak into our soil about 7 inches and that will be good for the plants.

     Basic weeding guidelines: Weeds steal light, water and nutrients from the plants we are trying to grow. Weeds may also shelter garden pests. We do not use herbicides in the garden so the weeds need to be removed by hand. Remove the weeds by pulling them while leaving garden plants undisturbed. Or, you may cut them off at the surface using a garden hoe or scratcher. It should be easy to decide a plant from a weed in the tomato, potato, squash and pepper beds. Pay attention to the marker signs and you’ll see rows of beets, carrots and shallots. Reviewing the garden diagram will help you also.

     Harvesting: When produce is ripe you are welcome to take what you need for home, the remainder should be donated to the Hayward Community Food Shelf. There may be an option to enter some produce in the Sawyer County Fair Aug 13-16 if there is interest, please let me know.

     HACIL Charter School members have presented some interest in working with the garden this year and there are several open weeks for this opportunity. Please see the schedule below. Please let me know when you are available.
     Kim Heredia June 28-July 4

     Laura Lawrence July 5-July 11, 23-29

     Open July 12-July 18

     Kerri & Tyson O’bel July 19-25

     Open July 26-Aug 1

     Open Aug 2-Aug 8

     Open Aug 9-Aug 15

     Kerri & Tyson O’Bel Aug 16- Aug 22

     Nancy Burling Aug 23-Aug 29

     Thank you!!!
     Jeannine Connell
     Blooming Kids Community School Garden

If any HACIL families are interested in participating this summer, please let me know and I will get you connected to the group email and the coordinator directly. I think in the future HACIL could play a bigger part in the planning, planting, and coordinating of this pre-existing project and help it “bloom”. 

Thanks for considering this,

Miss Crystal 

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