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Literary Survey Class – 9-12th Grades

Date: September 4, 2015 Author: Charmaine Wistad Categories: 9 - 12 0

Hello Students & Parents of my 9-12th Grade Literary Survey Class.  I’m so glad you’ve chosen to join me as we study and enjoy Charles Dickens’ classic novel, Great Expectations.  Now that we’ve had our first lesson, I have some further information and instructions for you.

Most of you received your books at our first lesson. (If you were absent, you will receive these next week. So listen to the audio version for this week’s assignment.) Please be very careful with your books and be sure to bring them with you to class each week. At our next lesson you will receive a bookmark with your weekly reading assignment, as well as a “topic” that you will follow throughout the reading of the novel.

In addition to the physical book, you have the option to listen to the audio version via Google Drive. You have each received a personal email address.  Be sure to log in to Google, access your email address and change your password to something easy to remember. You should then find an email invitation from Brad Johansen to access Charles Dickens – Great Expectations audio files. Click on the link and it will take you to that page. At the top right of the page you have a choice of viewing the files in a List or Grid view. The List View will show you how to access each individual disc. At this time I have not quite figured out how to go directly to a particular chapter, but I am working on that. As Mr. Johansen explained, some of the individual files are very short. So you can highlight and select several at a time for more continuous play.

Below is the reading schedule for the entire course. Please be diligent to keep up. You may read or listen ahead, but then please review the assigned chapters each week so that they are fresh in your mind for each lesson.

Week 1  (9/3) – Chapters 1-4
Week 2  (9/10) – Chapters 5-10
Week 3  (9/17) – Chapters 11-15
Week 4  (9/24) – Chapters 16-19
Week 5  (10/1) – Chapters 20-24
Week 6  (10/8) – Chapters 25-29
Week 7  (10/15) – Chapters 30-34
Week 8  (10/22) – Chapters 35-39
Week 9  (10/29) – Chapters 40-44
Week 10 (11/5) –  Chapters 45-49
Week 11 (11/12) – Chapters 50-54
Week 12 (11/19) – Chapter 55-59
Week 13 (12/3) –  No assignment
Week 14 (12/10) -No assignment
Week 15 (12/17) -No assignment

thank you for your cooperation,

Charmaine Wistad

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