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Highschool Grade Collection

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Hello Families,

If you have a high school student, this is for YOU!!!
High school is a time for lots of data collection. This process has been a bit cumbersome as HACIL tries to create a system that can be flexible, versatile and yet user-friendly. An electronic form has been hard to come by as so many systems conflict with each other. WELL! We have a file for families to use this year that is supported by Google so many systems can utilize it and compatibility issues should be minimized, if not eliminated.

So, I bet you have questions… Here are a few I would like to answer ASAP:

Q: How do I use this form for my high schooler?
A: It should be rather easy. The file is built for you. All you need to do is save a copy for each of your subjects and enter the data. (The data you have been collecting for the last few years on paper can be put into this file and all the calculations and averages will be complete for you.) ALSO, no more coming in and making copies of all these pages.

Q: How do I share my data?
A: -You don’t have to share the file. All you have to do is enter the data in the files I have shared with you. We will create the files and share them with you through your students assigned email address. Hurray for Tech support!!! You will need to access that accounts’ google drive.

Q: Do I have to use this file?
A: Well, you would not HAVE TO use this file, but for your ease of use and ours, it is highly recommended. I will no longer accept data that has not been averaged and compiled for me. I will not accept a simple print out of a grade book with no averages or dates attached to completion of work. I will still accept grade books from curriculum that do averaging for us such as Odysseyware, SOS, WVS or Middlebury. But curriculum such as Teaching Textbooks that do not distinguish between quarters or collect an average, I will need families to do that step for me. If you do not wish to use that file, contact me directly and I will help find a solution for your specific situation.

Q: How can I get help setting this up for the first time?
A: I will hold a workshop at HACIL on Tuesday, Oct 13 and Thursday Oct. 15 for families to attend at 9:15-10:00. Please bring your computers and be ready to work. I would suggest you bring any grade data you have up to this point. This will help you practice using the form.

For other questions, please let me know ASAP and we can address them at the meeting. I will try to have someone record our meeting and send a video link to anyone that is unable to attend. Please let me know if you will need this video so I can send it as soon as possible.

Thanks Everyone,

Miss Crystal

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  1. Published by: Crystal Nelson Date: October 21, 2015

    Is there a link to the form?

    1. Published by: Crystal Date: October 21, 2015

      Great question! There is a link to an instructional video being posted and send out later this week. In the video we talk about the forms and where to find them. I will add the link here when it is all ready.

      Miss Crystal