Costumes for “Too Much Noise”

Date: March 14, 2016 Author: Naomi Haugen Categories: Uncategorized 2

Dear Parents,

Students in PreK-K and Grades 1-2 are excited about their upcoming performance of “Too Much Noise!” Your help is needed in assembling a costume for your children. Thrift stores, closets, and “dress-up” boxes are good resources! Costumes will be enhanced by face-painting or make-up, which will be added on the evening of the show.

Costumes for the Family: Students playing family members should wear “old-fashioned farmer” clothes.

Boys – dark pants or overalls, shirt, straw hat or other “old-looking” hat, accessories

Girls – long skirts with shawl and/or apron and bonnet, hat, or kerchief

Costumes for the “Wise Men” of the Village: These actors should be dressed in belted “tunics” which fall below their knees. You could use an adult button-up shirt, worn backwards, or make a poncho by cutting a head hole in a long piece of fabric. Use a necktie or scarf for a belt. Headgear could be any kind of hat or cap that presents the image of a scholar or wise advice-giver. These actors should look “important.” Accessories could include a thick book, glasses, a cane, a telescope, etc.

Costumes for Animals (Horse, Donkey, Hen, Sheep, Dog) Does anyone already have animal costumes they would be willing to share?? If yes, please contact Naomi Haugen. More details about animal costumes will follow.

Thanks for your costume help at home! The students are excited about their performance! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Naomi Haugen.

2 Comments: "Costumes for “Too Much Noise”"

  1. Published by: Lisa Date: March 15, 2016

    Are the kindgarden students dressing up as animals? Thanks!

  2. Published by: Naomi Haugen Date: March 16, 2016

    Yes – Kindergarten and PreK will be animals. I am still looking for the easiest way to create the costumes, allowing the students to participate as much as possible. If any parents have good ideas, please let me know! Naomi