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Animal Costume “Kits” for “Too Much Noise”

Date: March 28, 2016 Author: Naomi Haugen Categories: 1 - 2, Pre-K / K 0

Dear families,


Next week, children who will be playing animal parts for the musical “Too Much Noise” will receive an animal costume “kit” with which to construct their costume for the play. Parent help is needed!

There will two parts to the costume.

  • An animal “headpiece” cut from soft foam, decorated and worn on the forehead, secured with elastic.
  • An animal “bib” worn around the neck and decorated as the “chest” of the animal.

Basic templates and materials will be included. You and your child will “customize” the costume by gluing on additional simple materials such as cotton balls, a bit of fake fur, feathers, etc. which will not be provided. You and your child may be as creative as you wish, as long as the result resembles the appropriate animal!

On the evening of the performance, children should wear simple pants and shirt that “match” the color of the animal. If only the shirt matches, that is just fine.

Please look for the “animal costume kit” in your child’s backpack or cubby on Tuesday April 5 and Thursday April 7. Costumes should be completed by the following week (April 12 and 14) and sent to school with your child for our rehearsals.

AND……Remember to mark your calendars for the Big Show!

            Tuesday students                   April 19          6:30 pm

            Thursday students                April 21          6:30 pm

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