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Hello HACIL Families,

I just want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to HACIL this year. I do hope you all have come to get your curriculum orders and are well prepared to start your home based studies. If you have any questions regarding your curriculum or orders, please let us know ASAP.

I trust you have found your way to the HACIL website and this wonderful communication tool. As I have said in the past, this will be our primary form of communication.. If you have not “subscribed” to these posts, please do so. It will ensure that you can stay up to date.

Please see Calendar 2016-17 for important dates. It is located for your convenience on the “Enrichment” page.  Here are a few highlights:

~Picture Day… Sept. 22 and 24. Whether you attend enrichment days or not, you will not want to miss the chance at some wonderful school photos. HACIL has a local photographer ( come in and take the students photos. She does a wonderful job.

~ Fall Testing… Pre-K through 2nd Grade is coming up very soon. I am sure you all saw the letter from Mr. D regarding schedules and expectations. If you have any additional questions, please let us know and we will get you connected with him.

~ Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)… Well, it was on the calendar for this week and WE messed that up. So, we will put it on the calendar for next week. This committee helps HACIL prioritize fundraisers and projects for the school. We love how PAC has input on the year’s theme, is helpful with field trip ideas, and more. We will start at 9:00 Sept. 13th and 15th in the library.


We are very excited for Enrichment classes to start on September 6th and 8th this year. If you are not sure about something in regard to the enrichment classes or schedule, please see 2016-17 Schedule.

We plan to take our first morning assembly as a small orientation to the HACIL facility and general rules. Please remember to bring a lunch as we have no lunch service. The Cooking Class plans to work toward a “hot-lunch” option for the first week in October. You will be receiving an order form for each up coming Cooking class hot lunch. Not every one will want to participate but it will be available. The order form will include a food allergy disclaimer. Please be aware that we don’t want to exclude any one, we just want everyone to be safe.

Please be sure your students are dressed for the weather. We try to get students outside as much as we can. If students are not dressed appropriately with tennis shoes and a light jacket,if its cold, they will not enjoy their time. You do not need to worry about bringing “school supplies” to enrichment days. Depending on what the class is doing, you may need to bring a pencil and notebook or something to contribute to the drama class, but that should be it.


Parent Group will be at 9:00 during Assembly this year but will not start until September 20th and 22nd. For more information please subscribe to the Parent Group blog.

Parents, I would like to take some time next week to do an orientation for you in regards to HACIL and its practices. If you are a returning family, you may know this information but it is always nice to get a refresher and be sure you are not missing any vital pieces. This meeting will include tutorials on how HACIL uses the Google Drive, electronic Attendance, and submitting grade data. Please let me know if you have specific questions.

Families, I do hope you are having a wonderful and productive summer. We so look forward to having the same kind of year.

Crystal Hexum
HACIL Coordinator

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