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3-6 Grade Drama

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Hello Families,

Thank you so much for sharing your students with me this fall in Drama class. We have been having so much fun getting ready for our play. We plan to perform on Tuesday night (for Tuesday students) December 13th at 6:30 at HACIL and Thursday night (for Thursday students) December 15th at 6:30 at HACIL. We will have our last dress rehearsal that morning in class. If there is a family member that can not attend the performance, contact the office, and we may be able to work out a way for them to attend the dress rehearsal.

NOW, what do we need from families at this point? Well, there is always something that we need in a production of this size. We have many costumes and props to collect and create before December. We have many of the items such as fins or treasure trunks, but are still missing things like the base layer of clothing for each student. Things like a grey shirt and pants for each of the Slithery Sirs, a blue shirt and pants for one of the fish, or all black clothes for under the jelly fish. Please watch for a list to be sent in your email with specific pieces we still need.  If you might have some items to donate for anyone other than your student to use, please let me know ASAP. This is the fun part and challenge of a drama productions.

Students have this week to work with their scripts and next week we plan to be off scripts. If you could ask your student how they are doing on their lines or run some lines with them this week, that would be MOST appreciated. I am having a blast with this production and your students. I hope they are doing the same.

Miss Crystal

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  1. Published by: Crystal Date: November 14, 2016

    Ok, Check your email for the list of base clothing we need families to help provide. I am not looking for new or perfect clothing. I am looking for thrift store, hand-me-down, small holes in clothing that we can paint or marker on and potentially use for another student if you are willing to share. If you are not able to find a particular item, let me know or post here so others can help with find them. I have already had families say they have extra solid colors they would donate to other students if they knew the right size. If you have already collected any items you think we could repurpose for this show, please bring them in. I will take all the wonderful help I can get. Thanks you all !!!