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The play is coming..

Date: December 1, 2016 Author: Crystal Categories: 3 - 4, 5 - 6 0

Hello Families with 3-6 grade students,

I am writing to remind you that our play is coming very soon and there are a few things to finish up:

  1. The play will be held December 13th for Tuesday students and December 15th for Thursday students. Performance starts at 6:30pm. Please plan to get some dinner between the end of the school day and performance start time. I will need students to come back to HACIL to get dressed, make-up and props prepared by around 4:30.
  2. If your student has any make-up or face-paint allergies, we need to know to arrange for their character in another way.
  3. If you have base layers and costume pieces ready, please bring them in. If you have questions about any of these items, please just give me a call or an email.
  4. Students have done a great job this week of practicing without their scripts. That does not mean they stop practicing at home. Please have them review their lines again at home to ensure they are confident the night of the performance.
  5. If there is any way to have ALL students attend classes these next 2 weeks, it would be so helpful in getting the play to flow well. Thanks for your help.

Families, let me say, what a wonderful job your students are doing. I cannot wait for you to see this production come together.

Miss Crystal


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