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Phy Ed Community Clean Up

Date: April 5, 2017 Author: Nicole Nathan Categories: 7 - 8, 9 - 12, Parent Group 1

Happy SPRING Everyone!

April is Earth Month, the 22nd is Earth Day and with all this nice weather we are having I think it’s a perfect opportunity to do some spring cleaning outside. While testing is still happening at HACIL, the 7th-12th Grade Phy Ed students and I will be doing some pickup around campus and roadside cleanup Thursday April 6th, Tuesday April 18th, Thursday April 20th.

Gloves and Trash Bags will be provided, but if students would like to bring their own working gloves they are welcome to do so.

It is my hope that students will be able to enjoy the being physically active while doing something with a purpose for the common good. Maybe something they would even like to eventually do around their own home or community with their family. 🙂

Thank you all – any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to let me know! -Nicole

1 Comments: "Phy Ed Community Clean Up"

  1. Published by: Malu Dums Date: April 5, 2017

    This is a fabulous, environmentally-compassionate idea for a PE activity. I am very proud that our teachers and students are setting these types of examples in the community. Maybe a strategically worn HACIL shirt or two would let others see what a difference our students and teachers can make!
    Thank you very much for planning this, Nicole.