Literary Lane

Literary Lane

Because HACIL believes that students all learn in their own way, we also believe that one curriculum will not fit every child. HACIL has collected over the years a curriculum library for families to use. We have a curriculum consultant that helps parents/guardians develop an individualized educational plan that will best teach according to each students learning style and abilities.

Our families have a variety of curriculum offerings such as: on-line curriculum, traditional textbooks, paces, video text, combination of styles, and more. We ask that families help us decide what best supports their learning needs with the Family Allowance. All items are incorporated into our curriculum library for future use.

Each family meets with a certified teacher each quarter to review their progress, collect evidence of that progress and make any curriculum adjustments necessary.

Our Curriculum Consultant is constantly investigating new different curricula for family use. Here are some highlights from her regarding new materials, supplemental activities and more.

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HACIL also offeres support to families in the form of any Parent Group that meets in the HACIL Library weekly during classes at 12:00p.m. to discuss issues and strategies for schooling at home. The Group is run by either our Curriculum Consultant or a Certified Life Coach/Homeschooling Consultant.

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