Policies and Forms

Policies and Forms


1111 HACIL Vision Statement
1210 Employee and Community Involvment in Decision Making
1310 HACILGovernanceBylaw
1420 School Attorney
1500 School Board Power and Duties
1513 Administration in Policy Absence
1514 Board Review of Administration Rules
1530 Goal Setting
2210 Performance Pay
2400 Rule and Policy Implementation
2532 Student Handbook
3002 Record keeping & responsibilities
3004 Religious Instruction Policy
3005 Certification of Credits
3050 Religious Objects and Practices
3051 Enrichment Class Student Attendance Policy
3230 Holiday and Special Observance Policy
3230P Holiday And Special Observance Procedure
3412 HCS District Charter Schools
3412.5 Student Employee District-Made Products
3430 Youth Options
3446 Graduation Requirements
3460 Student Assessment
3480 Access to Student Records by Military Recruiters
3530 Volunteer Procedure 3539 Visitor Policy
3540 Application for Employment (STEP)
3540 Senior Tex Exchange Program (STEP)
3630 Technology Policy
3700 Co-curricular Athletic Activities
3700R High School Co-Curricular Code
3701 Summar Use of Athletic Equipment
3730 Student Performance
3741 Booster Support Groups
3810 Prayer in Schools
4001 Respect Code
4002 Hayward District Conduct Policy
4110 HACIL non discrimination
4200 Enrollment Policy
4200P Enrollment Proceedure
4210 Student Entrance Age
4330 Student Working at the Polls on Election Day
4430 Disciplinary Policy
4430P Disciplinary Procedure

4431 Grounds for Termination

4431P Termination of Enrollment Procedure

4433 Tobacco Use by Students
4434 Student Alcohol and or Other Controlled Substance Abuse
4440 Methamphetamine Use in Presents of a Child
4450 Student Inerrogations and Interviews
4460 Student Searches
4461 Locker Searches
4462 Special Locker Search Authority for Liaison Officers
4471 Use of Physical Force by Staff
4476 Gang and Gang Related Behavior
4476R Procedure for Gang and Gang Related Behavior
4531 E School Nursing with HACIL
4531 R First Aid Procedure
4531 Student Health Care Service
4531.1 Accident Reporting
4532 Student Immunizations
4533 Head Lice
4533R Head Lice Procedure
4536 Preventing the Transmission of HIV in the School Setting
4540 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
4570 Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention

5001 Core Teacher
5002 Communication
5003 Billing
5004 Enrichement Teachers
5050 Homework Expectations
5052 Teacher Absences
5053 Teaching Materials
5110 Equal Opportunity Employment
5120 Employee Harassment
5120R Employee Harassment Guidelines
5121 Third Party Harassment
5220 Teacher Conduct
5221 Teacher Certification
5221R Reporting Staff Misconduct
5250 Tobacco Use on School Premises by Employees
5280 Drug and Alcohol Use by Employees
5290 Staff Political Activities
5331 Background check policy
5331 Exhibit Background Checks
5331R Background Checks
5332 Contracts
5340 Substitute
5363 Retirement of all District Employees
5380 Teacher Evaluation
5450 Evaluation of Support Staff
5461 Outside Employment by Support Staff
5510 Consultants
6410 Revenues From State Tax Sources
6621 Student Activity Funds
6640 Cash in School Buildings
6711 Payday Schedule
6713 Payroll Deductions
6713R Tax Sheltered Annuities
6720 Purchasing Policy
6810 Audits
6820 Whistleblower Protections
6830 Asset Inventories
7001 Building Policies
7005 Library Policy
7005P Library Procedure
7006 Curriculum Purchasing
7009 Closed Campus Policy
7020 Family Allowance Policy
7211 School Purchase or use of Mercury-containing Products
7230 Crisis Response Plan
7232 School Cancellation
7234 Emergency School Closings
7330 Energy Conservation
7510 Bus Transportation Policy
7512 Bus Safety Program
7512.1 Video Cameras on School Buses
7516 Seat Belt Policy (Excluding School Buses)
8100 School-Community Relations
8110 Community Involvement in Decision Making
8212 Newsletters Policy
8220 News Media Relations Policy
8230 Access to Public Records
8230E Public Records Notice
8230R Guidlines for Access to Public Records
8310 Tobacco Free Environment
8320 Possession or Use of Weapons
8320P Possession or Use of Weapons Procedure
8330 Vandalism of School Property
8601 Right to Breast-Feed
8820 Relations with Police Authorities 8910 State Education Agency Relations