What is HACIL?

HACIL has been a virtual charter school located in Hayward, WI for nearly 15 years, serving students all over WI.

HACIL believes that children have different learning styles and needs. Currently, there is a large gap between the traditional public school setting and home-based education. HACIL strives to bridge some of that gap by providing families with both blended curricular and environmental choices. We enable each child to learn in the way that best fits his/her learning styles and needs by supporting the following options:

  • Pre-K – 12: Complete home studies
  • Pre-K/K: 1 day HACIL/1 day home studies
  • 1-12: 1-day HACIL/ 4 days home studies
  • 9-12: 2-day HACIL, labs and tutoring / 3 days home studies


How to become part of HACIL:


HACIL is within the Hayward Community School District. In order to attend, students must be a part of the Hayward School District or must apply for open enrollment. Students both in and out of the Hayward district may complete the enrollment form and submit to HACIL by the enrollment deadline.

The open-enrollment application window begins annually in early February and closes at the end of April. Students applying for open-enrollment must apply during the open enrollment window. Applications can be found online at

The Hayward Center for Individualized Learning (HACIL) will not deny a child admission or participation in any of its programs on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical or learning disability.


Is there a cost to attend HACIL?
No, HACIL is a Public Virtual Charter School in Wisconsin which means that HACIL charges no tuition to its students and receives public funds instead.  

Can I be part of HACIL and live outside of Wisconsin?
Unfortunately, no. You must be a Wisconsin resident to participate in HACIL.

Do I have to attend enrichment classes?
You do not have to attend, but it is highly encouraged. Enrichment classes are just that, here to enrich your schooling experience with the group and cooperative learning opportunities.

Do enrichment classes count?
The time at enrichment classes counts toward a student’s minimum hours of instructions but is not enough to count as a stand-alone credit. As classes compliment other subjects it is valuable for a student’s experience, but only as a supplement.

How often do I have to physically be in Hayward?
A family would only be required to be on site for standardized tests, as applicable. All other meetings, communication, or participation may be done virtually or by mail.

Do I have to have internet at home?
Yes, internet access is a requirement, whether at home or not. HACIL is a virtual charter school and all of our communication is done electronically. Families should plan to connect to HACIL by email or in some kind of electronic form daily.

Do I get a computer?
Yes, HACIL provides each family with one device. The device supplied depends on the demands of the curriculum. If a family would like more than one device, arrangements can be made through the Family Allowance and at the administration's discretion.

What do I have to keep track of when I have students in HACIL?
HACIL has a list of record keeping requirements that can be found in our policies. The main things HACIL asks families to help maintain are records on attendance, samples of work and daily logs of lessons covered.

Do HACIL student take standardized tests?
Yes, our students participate in the same standardized tests that all public schools in Wisconsin are required to take. As of now, the required standardized tests HACIL administers include: PK-2nd grade PALS, 3-8th grade Forward Exam, 9-10th grade ASPIRE, 10th grade Forward (Social Studies), and 11th grade ACT.

Do I have to turn in my curriculum at the end of the year? 
Yes, HACIL re-uses excellent resources for the good of all students. Any books, games, resources that are not consumed, are returned to our library for future student use.

What is a Family Allowance? 
HACIL sets aside an allowance for each family to help us determine the most appropriate resources for their student(s). That allowance is used for curriculum first, then additional individualized things such as music lesson, access to museums, physical education memberships, internet access, and more. All purchases are at the discretion of the administration and are made and accounted for by HACIL. No reimbursements to families are allowed.