About Us

About Us

The Hayward Center for Individualized Learning
“HACIL” Virtual Charter School

HACIL is a virtual charter school located in Hayward, WI. We have been around for more than 10 years and are proud to be serving students all over WI. ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: June 15th

HACIL mailing address is: 15574 Hwy 77 – Suit#1, Hayward WI, 54843, but we are physically located in the Retreat Home Building next to Walmart on Hwy 77 in Hayward, just about a block from the Hwy 77/Hwy 63 intersection.


HACIL believes that children have different learning styles and needs. Currently, there is a large gap between the traditional public school setting and home-based education. HACIL strives to bridge some of that gap by providing families with both blended curricular and environmental choices. We enable each child to learn in the way that best fits his/her learning styles and needs by supporting the following options:

  • Pre-K – 12: Complete home studies
  • Pre-K/K: 1 day HACIL/1 day home studies
  • 1-12: 1 day HACIL/ 4 days home studies
  • 9-12: 2 day HACIL, labs and tutoring / 3 days home studies




Because HACIL believes that students all learn in their own way, one curriculum will not fit every child. HACIL has collected over the years a curriculum library for families to use. We have a curriculum consultant that helps parents/guardians develop an individualized educational plan that will best teach according to each students learning style and abilities.

Our families have a variety of curriculum offerings such as: on-line curriculum, traditional textbooks, paces, video text, combination of styles, and more. We ask that families help us decide what best supports their learning needs with the Family Allowance.

Each family meets with a certified teacher each quarter to review their progress, collect evidence of that progress and make any curriculum adjustments necessary.

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Enrichment Classes

HACIL is proud to be able to offer many opportunities to its students such as Enrichment Classes. Students in HACIL have the unique opportunity to participate in Enrichment classes that are designed to enhance their individualized education. We believe children need the social and cooperative training that comes from working together in a classroom without sacrificing an individualized education.

HACIL Enrichment Classes are centered on subjects that are more difficult for families to provide individually such as: Drama, Choir, Music, Art, Physical Education, Science lab, Speech, Spanish, Computer, etc.

Students are allowed to play Hayward Community Sports and take up to 2 classes at a time at the Hayward High School and Middle School.

More About Enrichment Classes

How Can I Be Part of HACIL?

HACIL is a virtual charter school within the Hayward Community School District. In order to attend, students must be a part of the Hayward School District or must open enroll to attend within our district. The open enrollment window starts annually in early February and closes at the end of April. Students applying for open enrollment must apply during the open enrollment window. Applications can be found on-line at


The Hayward Center for Individualized Learning (HACIL) will not deny a child admission or participation in any of its programs on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical or learning disability.

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