Individualized Curriculum

HACIL’s Curriculum Consultant and our Wisconsin certified teachers consult with families to develop an individualized curriculum plan for each student. Our teachers are connected with each student’s individualized curriculum in each subject to ensure each teacher’s planned instruction and content corresponds with that student’s unique needs. After our certified teachers instruct the student and assign content to the student to enhance that instruction, the teacher will then review progress, collect evidence of that progress, and make adjustments to activities, additions and substitutions as necessary. Parents are encouraged to use additional resources from the curriculum library to enrich the learning experience at home.

Enrichment Classes

HACIL offers many on-site group learning opportunities in the form of enrichment classes. These classes are designed to enhance their individualized education, as well as offer opportunities that are difficult to accomplish off-site. We believe children need the social and cooperative training that comes from working together in a classroom without sacrificing an individualized education. HACIL Enrichment Classes are usually focused on areas such as Drama, Music, Art, Physical Education, Science lab, Speech, Computer, etc. Students are allowed to participate in Hayward Community Sports, extracurricular activities, and take up to 2 classes at a time at the Hayward High School and Middle School.

Blended Virtual Learning

HACIL engages many student learning styles through multiple platforms and modalities. HACIL provides each family with one device. The device supplied depends on the demands of the curriculum. When additional devices are necessary, a parent may request an additional device, and arrangements will be made through the Family Allowance to obtain an additional device. HACIL is a virtual charter school and all of our communication is done electronically therefore internet access is required. Families should plan to connect to HACIL by email or in some kind of electronic form daily. If a family needs help obtaining internet access, the HACIL Family Allowance is designed to help pay for an internet plan which offers the minimum amount of internet coverage necessary to access the student’s virtual education.